Progression within our organisation

Your progress in is your own hands; it is literally up to you. When you first start training, you will probably be content to train once or twice per week. As you progress to a higher standard, you may want to increase your training and karate commitment. As far as your club instructors are concerned, everyone is a potential Black Belt: the only person who can decide how far you wish to go is yourself.

The club you will train with is part of the respected Anglo Traditional Karate Association (ATKA), affiliated to the Federation of English Karate Organisation (FEKO) and Karate England. The standard of instruction you will receive is acknowledged to be the highest in the country. You will be taught the traditional Okinawan and Japanese syllabus in order to successfully pass each grading examination and you will receive authentic recognised certificates on attaining each of your belts.

There are no specific timescales to follow for grading but as a rule, at least 24 lessons between each examination will enable the average student to reach 5th Kyu green belt. This equates to 2 lessons a week for 3 months, or 1 lesson a week for 6 months. To obtain higher grades, the number of lessons and time between each grading will obviously increase.

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