Wakefield Karate & Marial Arts College

The club you will train with is part of the respected Anglo Traditional Karate Association (ATKA), affiliated to the Federation of English Karate Organisation (FEKO) and Karate England. The standard of instruction you will receive is acknowledged to be the highest in the country. You will be taught the traditional Okinawan and Japanese syllabus in order to successfully pass each grading examination and you will receive authentic recognised certificates on attaining each of your belts.

The majority of new students of all ages and of both sexes are unfit. The instructor recognises this and will treat you as such.

One class per week is ample for a beginner; other classes are available for those who wish to practice more often.

Most people take up Karate for self defence purposes. We recognise, and teach, practical self defence from the first lesson. Even people who think they can defend themselves usually cannot! The majority of law abiding citizens would not be able to deal with a potentially violent situation, so what chance would they have against a mugger, a rapist or even a football hooligan? It is difficult to put a time factor on how long proficiency takes as everyone has a different potential to learn. We have found, from past experience, that after six months or so of training, most students are well on the way to achieving a good, sound knowledge of self defence.


Without exception, YES! Most women today are well aware of the need to look after themselves. Karate is unique in helping to make one more aware of oneself. Karate is high on aerobic fitness so one can achieve good body tone as well as learning to defend oneself. Karate has many benefits, as more and more women are finding out.

Karate is one of the best recreational pursuits that a child can practice. With the high degree of discipline in the class, the child will learn to accept responsibilities, become more aware and self confident without being big-headed. Add this to the fitness and self defence benefits and you can see why so many parents enrol their children into Karate classes. We usually have special classes for children from 5 years of age. Many parents bring along their children to either build confidence in a quiet or shy child, or to instil discipline in an unruly child. Whatever the reason, the child will quickly settle in and become part of the "Dragons" group!

Some of the benefits that can be derived from the regular practice of Karate by people of all ages, regardless of sex, are:

  • The promotion of physical fitness and flexibility
  • A deeper mental awareness and self-control
  • A practical method of self defence
  • A sense of respect towards, and an understanding of, oneself and others
  • A strong social aspect where many friendships can be made

Karate as a Martial Art combines smooth, flowing, evasive movements with sudden hand strikes. In karate, the emphasis is on power. With its vast range of kicks, hand strikes and escape techniques, Karate covers a spectrum of self defence and, as such, has an obvious attraction for men, women and children of all ages.